Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success

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Power and Legitimacy Ch. Employees of Mutual Consent Ch. Guesswork Ch.

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Welchism Ch. The Glass Ceilings Ch. Your Inner Core Group Ch. Core Group Enablers Ch. A Portfolio of Equity Ch. Parasitic Core Groups Ch. Government Agencies Ch.

Labor Unions Ch. Management Consultants Ch. Schools and the "Hidden Curriculum" Ch. The Shadow Core Group Ch. Corporate Governance Ch. The Cycle of Noble Purpose Ch.

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The Body Politic. Summary "In Who Really Matters, Art Kleiner argues that the dissonance between a declared mission and actual operation can be seen at organizations large and small.

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All organizations have one motive in common. Every decision - which projects to back, whom to promote, or how to spend money - is affected by the perceived wants and needs of a Core Group of people "who really matter. Subject Corporate power. Organizational behavior. Success in business. Bibliographic information.

Publication date ISBN Browse related items Start at call number: HD K As a means of shaping the impact of the Core Group, Kleiner suggests that non-members tap their collective equity which goes beyond financial equity to include reputation and relationships and capabilities to form a Shadow Core Group. This alternative to the ruling party serves to raise organizational consciousness, to "build a new awareness of the purpose and potential of the organization among Core Group members, decision-makers throughout the organization, and most important of all yourselves.

Kleiner acts more like a corporate anthropologist than a consultant, taking a deeper look at the dynamics of organizational behavior, questioning a few basic assumptions about how corporations actually behave. He refuses to capitulate to business book template by creating a simple recipe for success leveraging the power of the Core Group. This integrity leaves some questions unanswered. He also allows certain looseness to the argument in places, discussing certain topics as Core Group issues without making the connection completely clear.

But overall, this book provides an important new theory about how organizations really work. Clear, provocative, and useful at a deeper level than any handbook on the fad du jour, Who Really Matters challenges all readers to take a fresh look at how their company truly operates. Posted by tom at PM. A spate of excellent first-person books on starting a business prompts a question: is entrepreneurial education a commodity?

Successful guides to startups must gracefully straddle the tangled terrain between personal and professional, logistical and emotional, inspirational and perspirational. In a startup these realms are so often blurred, and individuals need to separate out where possible. Launching a company is often an intensely personal experience with huge logistical demands, punctuated by a series of daunting and blurry decisions that only present themselves over time, as you make other choices.

Entrepreneurial learning is essentially a heuristic process, by which I mean to say that you learn how to play the game only once you are playing it. And so any cookbook offering sure-fire recipes for success will inevitably fail you. Okay, this is a bit of a long-winded windup to some recommendations of excellent recent entrepreneurial titles.

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These four books share one common thread, which is that they are written in the first person. Here are few reasons why I enjoyed and highly recommend this book. First off, Moltz sheds numerous insights into entrepreneurship as a personal journey rather than a formulaic and predictable process.

Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success

He shows how everything you bring to the table gets thrown into the mix of whether your venture makes it or not. Throughout the book he makes excellent and actionable links between personal assets such as the strength of your networks and business potential. And in My Truth About Getting Started and Running a Business, which I consider the best chapter in the book, Moltz reveals the source of his authority by sharing how he learned the business essentials about startups.


Who Really Matters : Art Kleiner :

To read more, by the way, visit his website. Another great quality to this book: Moltz delights in sharing the real pain and danger of launching a business. If you get nothing else from this book, one of the key takeaways is a sharp and at the same time engaging focus on just how many things can and often do go wrong with startups.

An entrepreneur is defined by how well he or she handles failure, not by how he handles success. Tout number two: Barnett C.

Who really matters : the Core Group theory of power, privilege, and success

This enjoyable book serves as a powerful reminder that the most important asset for any business is good old common sense. Nothing creates wealth and value for any company better than good ideas, hard work, and patient execution. As the leader you need to be sure you and your team are doing the right things, and as managers they need to be doing thing right," he writes. As someone who served as U. Deputy Secretary of Commerce and taught at Harvard, Harman deals with both day-to-day business topics and broader subjects including policy and the nature of the Internet Economy.

Throughout this sharp book he animates his lessons with terrific and sensible stories of an accomplished life. Doing Business by the Good Book: Fifty-two Lessons on Success Straight from the Bible , by successful black entrepreneur David Steward, uses stories and passages from scripture as a way of sharing truths about business and life.