Flood Risk Management in Europe: Innovation in Policy and Practice

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Llobet, A.

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River Restoration and Flood Risk Management: The River Orbigo Example

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Environmental Management, 11 2 — Rezende, O. Rojas, R. Climate change and river floods in the Eu- ropean Union: Socio-economic consequences and the costs and benefits of adaptation. Global Environmental Change, 23 6 — Roth, D. Moving out or living on a mound? Sanyal, J. Application of remote sensing in flood management with special reference to monsoon asia: a review.

Natural Hazards, 33 2 — Scherer, D. Temple Uni- versity Press. Seaberg, D. This valuable edition brings together 26 peer reviewed articles on technical, socio-economic, environmental and policy aspects of flood risk management. These articles contribute to the five sections with the general themes: i flood risk management practice, ii flood events and impacts, iii flood analysis and modelling iv flood forecasting and v flood risk management policy.

Some emerging technologies are presented and several future challenges are identified.


Risk prevention of land flood: A cooperative game theory approach. - Munich Personal RePEc Archive

This book will be of interest to engineers, scientists, planners, policy-makers, researchers, insurance industry and all the practitioners involved in flood risk management, and its sub-disciplines in engineering, hydrology, environmental studies, coastal management, economics and public policy. From the reviews: "This is an important book. It will help our understanding of how to manage flood risk, by illuminating different circumstances where this is a threat to vulnerable populations.

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Such risk management is new, and not easy, but crucial for the development of susstinable catchment planning". The book contains an impressive collection of ideas and materials, covering important aspects of flood management and flood risk reduction. It will be useful to practitioners and academics, contributing to the increasing challenges of managing these extreme events and helping us to reduce our vulnerability".

Flood Risk Management In Europe Innovation In Policy And Practice 1st Edition

The multi-disciplinary views embrace economic, physical, environmental, technical, management, legal, and institutional aspects. The book has a strong focus on applications, rather than ivory-tower academic research. Results of national and international projects are presented, therein findings achieved in the framework of collaborative research through successive framework programmes funded by the European Commission.

Authors, working in more than a dozen countries in Europe and beyond, report on lessons learnt and present success stories, sharing knowledge about examples of good practice and useful case studies. The targetted audience of this useful reference are stakeholders and decision makers, yet also scientists, educators, and civic society groups interested in floods, flood impacts and flood preparedness systems, may find this book useful.

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Their integrated use will increase the awareness and understanding of cascading effects by crisis response organisations, enhances their preparedness and improves their response capability to respond in case of cascading failures. The forces behind modernization — social, economic, technological, administrative — have boosted the wealth of modern society to unprecedented levels, but at the same time they have made us more vulnerable to disruptions and threats. Increasingly complex and tightly coupled systems deliver efficiency and security, but also the potential for disaster if those systems fail.

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Moreover, in the happening of a catastrophic event, the dynamics of human behavior play a central role. Irrational behaviors such as panic and confusion are likely to take control of human activities. In this context of hyper-connected societies — where networks of all sorts are intertwined — with population densities growing everyday, it is necessary to better understand the cascading effects at play in a crisis.

STAR-FLOOD project is focused on analysing, explaining, evaluating and designing policies to better deal with flood risks from rivers in urban agglomerations across Europe.

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